☣ A Beautiful Encounter ☣ (ssinurn_thalra) wrote,
☣ A Beautiful Encounter ☣

I miss Zephyr... I didn't think I was that possesive, then again... I am pretty possesive over Zephyr as well. I guess I figure, if your going to cuddle me, expect me to fuck you on a regular basis, you could at least be nice enough to tell me when your leaving, expecially when your randomly leaving to meet someone you just met. Then to find out the last thing she asked you was not to die on her and people expect me not to worry even in the slightest? Oh yeah, I'm sorry I don't have any dragon in me, that after the insanely rough and painful (yet goood and pleasurable) sex that I need a few days to recover but at least I push myself and keep up during correct? I mean seriously I know your aggrivated, I know you want to fuck every five minutes (expecially as of recently and I'm still waiting on my answer as to why) but I can't physically handle that much. I come out of sex with you looking like I was back in prison... but that someone finally got me. I wouldn't dare let Zephyr see me the day after sex with you, yet I continue to try to keep you happy. I just ask for some common curtousy.

I need to tend to Amanda... I think she's catching on that Nikkolai isn't actually anywhere nearby. He really needs to get his shit straight and come home.
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