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So I haven't actually updated in a while, What is there to update about?
I don't get front much nor do I get out much, so I guess I could just report on things that go on in the headspace. Amanda threw us our own "halloween" here in the headspace, we even got to dress up! I was a sheep! Along with Morgan and Horyu was the big bad wolf and Nikkolai was little bo peep. We even got to trick or treat through the headspace and she set up a haunted house and invited things from the woods to help out.

For the most part it has been really quiet here and even more so lonly.
This body isn't allowed to talk to Alsarai's, so I can't go see Solo and I never see Zephyr anymore. The only contact with family I had been having was solo, so it's kind of sad.
I miss zephyr, alot.

Amanda doesn't come out of her room much, she has even stopped sleeping in the guest room. Which really makes me sad because I looked forward to the warmth, the feel of having someone beside me. It was so much fun having so many in the bed. Four girls and one Nikkolai.

Not so happy anymore, everything here is sadness, even the halls and that have changed to darkness and hallow. Pandora is hell bent on just dissapearing. Setavortae has finally calmed down enough not to be so angry and stopped screaming. I did make friends with Freshya, when I'm sad, she lets me crawl into bed with her.

I guess that's all for now. I need to find happier things.
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